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Major Functional Area

Action is taken to provide health services widely to rural areas and remote areas of the province from town through the institutional system of Department of Health of Uva Province.

Public Health Services

  1. Prevention of infections and non infections diseases.
  2. Implementation of maternal and child health services.
  3. Implementation of programs such as Suwa Sarana / Suwa Nawodaya in order to extend medical services to villages.
  4. Implementation of the Uva Suwa Thilina Program in order to promote health  go government servants.
  5. Expansion of patient care services.
  6. Conduct of health labor camp by uniting hospital and school.
  7. Minimize waiting time of patents who come to obtain services, by enhancing the level of hospitals.
  8. Implementation of sanitation programs.

Ayurvedic Department of Uva Province

  1. Rendering of services to as follows by the health organization of Uva Province giving the pride of place to indigenous Ayurveda system and conserving indigenous Ayurveda system.
  2. Preparation of Uva Suwasarana Programs.
  3. Provision of maternal and children programs through community Health Medical Officers.
  4. Establishment of herbal gardens in order to conserve local Ayurvedic Plan and limitation of Panchakarma treatments.
  5. Establishment of traditional Wedagedara Concept.

Attempt is made to avoid flow of the purchase money to out of the province and to retain that money within the province by manufacturing medicines which are required by the Ayuvedic Department of Uva Province within the Uva Province itself. For this purpose medicine manufactory at Miriswatta has completed its construction work with an expense of Rs.120 and is in a state to initiate manufacturing activities after purchasing machinery at a value of Rs. 3 million.

Further action is taken to develop all the Herbal Medicine Gardens in the area to avoid seepage of money spent for them and to retain that money in the area by producing indigenous medicines within the area, and to establish Herbal Medicine Gardens at school level and to encourage students by providing required equipment to them.

Department of Probation and Childcare

  1. Provides services to the children of Uva Province and institutional system of the Department of Probation implements it.
  2. Taking care of  children in the detention camps.
  3. Taking care of street children.
  4. Activities related to pre school children.

Women’s Affairs Division

Adhering to the vision ‘strength and power to courageous woman’ and with the mission of  a socialized and skilful generation of women required by current society of economic and social development, to Women’s Affairs Division of Uva Province carryout the following activities to empower women in the area.

  1. Implementation of projects which generate self employment for women in Uva Province and Health and Education Programs.
  2. Establishment of Projects to encourage low income receiving widowed families.
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