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Historical Development

As a result of 13th amendment to the constitution the provincial council system was established in Sri Lanka according to Provincial Council Act No. 47 of 1987. According Sri Lanka was divided into 09 provinces and a Provincial Council Administration system was established. In accordance with this system Uva Province was demarcated constituting with the two districts Baddulla and Moneragala and 26 Divisional Secretaries. In the Uva Province which propagates an agricultural lifestyle and where people of various ethnic groups and various cultural diversities are also specially observed. Further tea cultivation is abundantly carried out in Uva Province in which the prevalence of Tamil, population is also observed. Further critics have identified Uva Province which inherits a proud history is an area with much natural beauty. 

Power is vested in the provincial councils by the following lists according to the 13th amendment to the constitution in relation to the provincial councils.

Accordingly at the 1st Provincial Council election in 1988 Mr. Percy Samaraweera was elected as the first chief Minister of Uva Province and his duration of office was from 16.09.1988 up to 16.03.1993. At that time the subject of Health came to functions under the Hon. Chief Minister. As such during the period of 16.09.1998 up to 16.03.1993 administration, law and order, planning, finance, education, health, trade, industries, Buddhist affairs were designated as the divisions under the subject of Health.

At the termination of office of the very first provincial council system established in 1988 the 2nd provincial council election was held in 1993. At the said election the office of Chief Minister in the Uva Provincial Council ws received by Hon. Minister Percy Samaraweera. The Duration of his office in the 2nd Uva Provincial Council was from 27.05.1993 up to 06.06.1998. During the said period Hon. Minister Percy Samaraweera who was elected Chief Minister of the Uva Province received the sectors of Law and order, Finance, Regional Administration, Local Government, Education, Health, Highways, Planning and Engineering Services.

The third Provincial Council ws established in 1999 and the office of chief Minister was held by Hon. Minister Smaraweera Weerawanni The sections of Finance, Law and Order, Local Government, Highways, Health, Education, Cultural, Youth Affairs, Sports, Social Services, Co-operatives and planning were under his ministry. Due to political changes that took place prior to the termination of the Chief Minister’s office held by Hon. Minister Samaraweera Weerawanni in the IIIrd Provincial Council Minister A.M. Buddhadasa became the Chief Minister in Uva Province from 26.10.2001 up to 25.04.2004. The Ministry of Law and Order, Finance, Local Government, Regional Administration, Highways, Health, Education, Sports, Infrastructure facilities, Tourism and Planning was under his control.

A prominent feature was manifested in the Uva Provincial Council of the establishment of the fourth Provincial Council. The special characteristic was to undertake the Ministry of Health for the 1st time in the Provincial Council history of Sri Lanka by a doctor. Thus the subjects Health, Indigenous Medicines, Social Welfare, Probation and Child Care were entrusted to Hon. Minster Doc. Rohana Pushpakumara.

From 20.08.2009 and 2014  Hon. Shashindra Rajapaksha holds the office of Chief Minister in Uva Province, and Hon. Minister Mr. R.M. Kumarasiri Rathnayaka has undertaken the sectors of Health, Indigenous Medicines, Probation and Childcare and Women’s Affairs.

In this manner, the Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicines, Probation and childcare and women’s affairs which was undertaken by chief Minister and subject minister from time to time has become a ministry providing services which directly effect the lifestyle of the man.

The ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicines, Probation and Childcare and Women’s Affairs of Uva Province which adhere to the vision of the Ministry Health and protection for all and the mission to generate a physically and mentally satisfied nation by using indigenous and foreign medical methods and to provide relief to children and women subjected to abuse, functions very closely to the lifestyle of people in Uva Province. The institutional structure as follows, a remarkably helps to render services to the public.

Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicines, Probation and Women’s Affairs of Uva Province is the basic operational unit to provide required services to the people through the above mentioned institutional system.

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